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Polyhedra addiction

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Perhaps it is time for an intervention?

But seriously, Réka and I are having a blast making these things. The really colorful ones in the back are due to an idea by my friend Bruce. We were talking about how it was fun to make the polyhedra, but if you wanted to make one that you didn't have a net for, you had to spend some time making up the net. Now, I've made that easier by writing an Inkscape extension that renders nets (not ready for release, but soon...). But what if you want to make something unusual, like a house for your lego figure?

So, his idea was to make individual panels. We worked out the connector shape (basically a tab and slot next to each other), and voilá! There it was!

I went and bought some colored cardstock, and cut them out on my Silhouette SD machine. Here are some pictures that show a bit better what the panels look like:

Right now there are only files for the Silhouette (in the newer "studio" format, not GSD), which isn't very helpful. I'm going to make up some Inkscape ones tonight or tomorrow, so I can cut a ton of them out on the laser cutter for my enrichment class on Tuesday. The kids said they wanted to make ones with different colors - I think this qualifies


  1. jmanton -
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    My wife calls the collection the "large hedron collider". :-)
  2. jmanton -
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    Here is a link to the inkscape versions. Note that the perforations are now individual short lines, rather than being a line with a color. That can be a problem if the laser power is too high.