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Thread: New FabLab Equipment

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    New FabLab Equipment


    I am Tshepiso from the South African Fablab Network, We are looking for new ideas on which new equipments can we use in the fablabs particularly the ones we can use to spark an interest into SET(Science Engineering and Technology)


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    Hi Tshepiso, a few thoughts for generic projects --

    a) more computers, so people have maximum time available to work with them
    b) local server with educational resource info, so you don't have to rely on the internet connection
    c) microscope(s)
    d) age/grade appropriate robotics building blocks
    e) load cells/precision scales (measure forces)
    f) power hand tools, especially drill and saw
    g) MIG or arc welder and rivet gun, especially if you do more Ag invention type stuff or larger solar frames
    h) FabFi or similar network to spread connectivity and/or sensors in the area

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    I agree to that above post. That one's really would help on the research...

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