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Thread: 3-D Fabrication and Crowdsourcing Lecture 2/23

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    3-D Fabrication and Crowdsourcing Lecture 2/23

    Dinesh Perera + Katie Handy
    Designers, Format

    Articulating Process for a Multi-Disciplinary Generation
    5:30p Weds February 23rd Plym Auditorium, Temple Buell Hall, 611 Taft Dr, Champaign
    Free and open to the public

    Format is an Architecture and Materials Research Studio utilizing
    spatial design and product-making to explore emergent concepts across
    culturally-isolated disciplines. Format's work occurs in diverse teams
    whose multi-faceted interests produce results greater than a simple sum of
    its individual members' labor, and represents a new model for design intelligence.

    Current projects include development of a fabrication process utilizing
    traditional hot glass techniques with an online 3-d modeling user-interface
    for crowd sourcing tumbler designs, research of quorum-sensing for its
    potential architectural applications and collaboration with experts in the
    field of driverless vehicles for increasing personal mobility while reducing
    dependence on the single-user automobile.

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    Any idea how many of these can be produced using a 5lbs spool of ABS? I’m trying to use this montitization thing to entice my wife into letting me get a makerbot (ignoring initial investment of course).

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